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If you are looking for a way to Interact LIVE (either in person, or on-line) with Dave Dubeau and to learn more about the Money Partner Formula, then check out the EVENT options below!
On-line Boardroom Briefings

Join Dave Dubeau for a live (online) demo of his inbound investor lead 
generation model for real estate entrepreneurs who want a  regular flow of investor appointments (to raise capital for properties). 

These happen on a regular basis (usually Mondays) starting at 6 pm Pacific
(7 Mtn / 9 ET) and there is nothing to buy, so you can keep your  wallet and your credit card safely tucked away :-) 

This is a new thing Dave is doing and if you are interested in using  other people’s money to help you buy more real estate, then you’ll probably find it very interesting and very valuable…in fact, it’s like nothing else out there.

The demo will take 40 minutes and then Dave hosts a Q&A.

Note: We’ll be doing this in a personal, small group setting via ZOOM, 
so it will be interactive, with cameras and mic’s ‘on’.

Full-Day Investor Attraction Workshop

Getting the money (and/or having the credit) to do more  real estate deals is the #1 roadblock that keeps over 90% of  real estate investors from growing their portfolios as quickly as they want. 

There are lot’s of reasons for this, but I think the #1 obstacle is the fear of approaching people and asking them for money. 

Nobody likes the idea of ‘begging’ for money, or using schmoozy   manipulative or salesy tricks to get people to invest. 

But wouldn’t it be great if you could completely eliminate that?

You can! Come out to this one day training workshop and you’ll discover
how to actually ATTRACT money partners instead of chasing  after them!
That’s what every Real Estate Entrepreneur’s fantasy is… to have  people calling and emailing, eager to find out more about your deals and how they can participate. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have as much money available as you could possibly
want to be able to buy all the properties you’d like?

That’s exactly what Dave Dubeau is going to show you LIVE.

Dave is not only a very smart marketer, he’s an experienced real estate
investor, author and trainer as well.

He knows first-hand what it’s like to lose a great deal due to a lack of
available funds / investors. After that experience, he vowed NEVER to
be put in that position again.

He then applied his extensive marketing background towards creating
a simple 5 step process that gets prospective investors to call or email
him, eagerly asking to invest in his deals.

He raised $800K from 5 investors for a 54 unit apartment building…
without making a single ‘cold call’.

He raised $2.1Million from 13 investors for a ‘new build’ deal in 2015.
His students have followed his process and raised tens of millions and millions  of dollars for their deals as well. 

And you can too!

 On-Line Master Classes (WEBINARS)

Dave regularly hosts educational web classes on a variety of subjects (usually Real Estate related) either himself, or with special guest experts.  Attend these top-notch trainings from the comfort of your home, in front of your computer.  Click on the link to see what Dave's latest web-class is going to be. 


 In-Person Lunch & Learn Sessions

From time to time Dave goes to different cities and puts on complimentary Lunch & Learn Sessions where a small group of 6-10 people get together to network, have a working lunch, and see Dave's Live Demonstration of how to create a regular flow of inbound investor inquiries.  Click on the link to see where Dave will be visiting next. 


Dave Dubeau is a professional real estate investor, a best selling author and a highly sought after trainer and consultant.

Dave understands that over 80% of Real Estate Entrepreneurs get stuck with  3 or less properties in their portfolio. They want to grow it more, but they don’t know how to attract investors and raise capital, which is why he has decided make helping frustrated, Capital-strapped Real Estate Entrepreneurs his life's work.

Dave is also the founder of the first and only done-for-you investor attraction marketing service for Real Estate Entrepreneurs in the world . . . The Money Partner Formula™
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