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Hi there and welcome!

If you’re on this page you may be looking for more information on how to join a Money Partner Formula™ Program.

But please note that you won’t be able to join a program without meeting with me first.
That’s because there are at least four different options for you to engage with the Money Partner Formula™ and I want to make a certain that you get the option which is best suited to your budget and needs.

Also, I recommend the Money Partner Formula™ to only one in three people I chat with. And if it turns out that the Money Partner Formula™ is not the right option for you, I can normally recommend someone or something that would be a better fit for your needs.

So that we can have that conversation please click here to go to the page which explains how our meeting will work.
And in the meantime, if you want to know more about what makes the Money Partner Formula™ unique, here are nine reasons that our clients tell us why the Money Partner Formula™ is their #1 choice when it comes to embedding proven investor attraction and capital raising systems into their real estate investment businesses.

Reason #1:  With the Money Partner Formula™, I carry the risk, not you
Most real estate coaches, trainers and consultants ask you to trust them.

They say something like "give me your money and then I'll deliver the value".

But unfortunately, all to often people give them money only to find out that the value delivered failed to make any real difference in their real estate business, the size of their portfolio or their bottom line.

The comment I hear quite often is "They were a really nice person Dave, but I didn't get a lot out of it".

Sorry to say it, but "nice" just doesn't cut it.  Real estate coaches, trainers and consultants need to deliver value and you need to have confidence in their ability to do that, especially if you've been unfortunate enough to waste your money in the past on courses, training or coaching that failed to deliver results.

And if you’ve been through that experience of losing money by investing in people or courses that didn’t work out, then you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to trust me ... instead, I’ll trust you.  

How that works is simple: if you choose to cash flow your payments, then we’ll work together for a whole month without you paying or risking even one cent.              

If at the end of that month you think that I’m not delivering, simply email me directly at and your credit card will not be charged.               

This means I carry the risk, not you.              

This is what I call “Risk Reversal” meaning that instead of you, my client, carrying the risk, I’ll carry it instead.   

So...let me trust you, rather than me asking you to trust me.              

Now, isn’t that a refreshing change?             

Please note, that this Risk Reversal Guarantee does not apply if a person simply doesn’t show up. It only applies if you think that I’m not delivering on my promise.        

And BTW, Risk Reversal is far superior to a money back guarantee offer.       

Because with a money back guarantee, there is actually no guarantee that you'll get your money back and besides, who wants to even have to ask for their money back?      
Reason #2:  The Money Partner Formula™ is a DIY and D4U program.  It's not you just learning and trying to do it yourself, we do much of it with you and/or FOR you.
After over a decade in the real estate training and mentoring biz, the biggest problem I came across was people investing in program after program, failing to put the information into use, and then not seeing any results.

I get it.

Everyone is super busy these days... especially Real Estate Entrepreneurs.  Many people are trying to juggle work life, family, a crazy commute AND growing their portfolio.  That's tough enough without adding on hours and hours (if not weeks and months) of time to study materials and then put them into use.

That's why I stopped offering just 'home-study' programs and why I have switched to done-with-you as well as completely DONE-FOR-YOU investor attraction programs services.

Depending on your needs and your budget, I've got a variety of programs that will not only help you to understand the special skillset of attracting investors and raising capital from them...but my team and I will actually roll up our sleeves and take a lot (if not all) of the work off of your plate and DO IT FOR YOU.

This is why none of our competitors can even touch us.  All they offer is either do-it-yourself training (i.e. homestudy courses), or 'coaching' where they tell you what to do, and basically just check up on if you did it or not.

With the Money Partner Formula™ it's a TEAM EFFORT, and neither of us has to worry out about whether things are actually happening...because we'll be doing some, or all of it for you.  It's that simple.

Reason #3: All of the 'techie' stuff is taken care of FOR you
Not everyone is super 'techie'.  

I know I'm not!

That's one of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning a new skill set (like marketing to attract investors and raise money).  There can be a lot of moving pieces and a bunch of new things to learn how to do.

Things like...

Creating a DATABASE of prospective investors.  Finding, sorting, filtering all of your contacts to focus on the BEST ones.

Where do you start? Where do you look? How do you find them? What do you do with them once you do find them? How do you start the conversation?
I learned years ago that this kind of 'one-off' task is something that is much better for you to outsource rather than figure out how to do on your own. 

That's why my team and I do this for you. 

We work with you to gather everyone in your sphere of influence, and create a clean list of prospective investors to work with.

Another thing is setting up an e-mail autoresponder system, so that you can communicate with your contacts in an efficient manner (i.e. create one email that is personalized and goes out to everyone all at the same time).  Again, we take care of this for you.

Having your own centralized ON-LINE MARKETING HUB (i.e. professional-grade website).

And much more.

Reason #4:  The Money Partner Formula™ generates inbound investor leads - so there's no need to 'dial for dollars', schmooze or use expensive marketing.

Most real estate investors would rather stick a needle in their eye than pick up the telephone and cold call people, asking for money for their deals.  They hate the idea of coming across as needy or desperate for money.  They also don't like the idea of being repeatedly rejected and potentially alienating their friends and family.  

Plus they aren't very comfortable (or effective) at 'turning every conversation into a real estate conversation' at networking events either!

I know exactly how that feels.  I've tried both of those 'traditional' ways of raising capital too, and I sucked at them big time.  All I got was a lot of rejection, a bruised and battered ego, and zero dollars raised.

The good news is that you don't have to do that.  There is a better way, and it's with effective marketing to a targeted group of people.  I call it the 3 C's of marketing.... Constant and Consistent Communication.

When we embed my simple, proven and  effective, 5 step process into your real estate investment business, you will enjoy having prospective investors reaching out to you - interested in meeting to find out more about your deals!  

Imagine the satisfaction of looking at your phone or email and seeing messages from interested people who want to partner up with you and fund your deals!

That's what the Money Partner Formula™ is all about!  It's a system for generating inbound (they contact you) investor inquiries (requests for information/meetings) about your deals.

Reason #5:  You are provided with all the tools you need to succeed.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel or be 'creative'.

We don't tell you to 'go make this' or 'create this thing'... we provide you with everything you need, ready to go.

With all of our programs your contact list (database), e-mail auto-responder, warm-up sequence, and even your investor attraction website/on-line marketing hub are all created FOR you.  Then you are provided with templates where you can fill-in-the-blanks and create the other marketing assets you will be using (like your Million Dollar Investor Presentation, E-zines, Video-Logs, etc.).

With the more advanced, done-for-you packages, we actually fill-in-the-blanks for you and completely personalize your website, create your Million Dollar PowerPoint for you, do all of your VLOGS and Ezine marketing for you, get you going with your own book, done-for-you webinars, etc. 

Reason #6:  I've got a long track record of successful client results

It’s only reasonable that I can demonstrate to you a successful track record of helping clients achieve the sort of results that you want to achieve. 

And I do mean “results” as in bankable revenue. It’s all very well for someone to have testimonials that talk about how excited someone is about the potential for results or what a swell guy/gal the coach or trainer is, but nothing short of a proven track record of successful new client generation should be offered as evidence that a coach or trainer's methodologies actually work.  

You’ll find my track record amply demonstrated and proven by clicking here:

Now, let me be frank with you...             

If you can find someone who can demonstrate bankable client results like the ones you'll see on the above webpage AND who offers to work with you for a month without you paying a cent (see Reason #1 above) then I recommend you look at them as an option for your lead generation systems.              

However, if someone fails to offer you a Risk Reversal Guarantee and/or they do not provide evidence of their clients enjoying bankable results, then I’d recommend you steer well clear of them.               

Because it’s highly likely they can’t deliver on their promises.      

Reason #7:  with the Money Partner Formula™ you get lifetime access to the entire program, updates and live events - at no additional cost.

One of the pet peeves I hear quite often from people  is when they have bought into a program, and then they have to keep paying for it every time there is an update on an upgrade.

With the training component of the Money Partner Formula™, you never have to worry about that.  Once you are 'in', you are in for life.

Any time I update the course - you get it for free.

Any time I include a new or updated marketing template - you get it for free.

Any time I do a live update training class - you get it for free.

Any time I hold a MPF Massive Implementation Bootcamp - you get free tickets (for you and a guest).

I'm here to make sure you succeed - not to nickel and dime you any time I make an improvement to the training. 

Reason #8:  You get me, and you get my personal email address.

A lot of people are surprised to learn that when they invest in the Money Partner Formula™ they get my close and personal attention.

You’re not “outsourced” or delegated to a licensee or trainee or some so-called 'coach'.

And not only do I meet with you one-on-one for our personal zoom calls, plus attend your live monthly group sessions personally, but I also give you my personal, client-only email address.

The communication and support systems that you get with the Money Partner Formula™ are such that you will feel completely connect to me and my team so that we can support you as much as you need.              

But I want to provide evidence of the fact that I care and that I make myself accessible so that you know for certain you are not simply going to be another number lost in some sort of sales-processing conveyor belt. And that's why you'll get my direct email address.

Reason #9:  You get as long as you need to complete the process

I never kick anyone out of a program simply because their time is up.  

Depending on which program you’re joining, the promoted duration will be a defined number of weeks. Most likely it will be promoted as either an 8 to 16 week program.         

And that is the timeframe that you can complete the program and if you give the program four to eight hours of your time each week.        

However, you get to take as long as you need to complete the program.        

I have clients who prefer to do the process over a 6, 9 or even 12 month period, and if that's what you prefer, that is perfectly fine.   

If you want to get through the program and the shortest possible timeframe, then commit more hours per week to the task. But, if you have an extended holiday, or you just get too busy, or heaven forbid you get sick, then don’t worry because you can hang around for as long as you need.     

I think that’s about it!

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice for embedding proven, effective, inbound investor inquiries and lead generation systems into your real estate investment business other than the Money Partner Formula™.   

Finally, congrats on getting this far! 

Now lets talk about your lead generation needs, and whether the Money Partner Formula™ or someone/something else is a better option for you. Click here to discover what will happen when we chat. | All Rights Reserved 2018.